EntityFramework Reverse POCO Code First Generator

Beautifully generated code that is fully customisable.

Generate code as if it was hand-written

This generator creates code like an expert reverse-engineered your database and created the code for you. Perfectly.

Reverse engineers an existing database and generates Entity Framework Code First Poco classes, Configuration mappings, Enumerations, DbContext, FakeDbContext (for easy unit testing) and calling Stored procedures and table-valued functions.

Customisable output

The generated output is also fully customisable. Take a look at some of the things you can customise. For example:

To name but a few of what this generator is capable of.

Save your precious time, and your sanity and save money. Generate your DB contexts.

Used and trusted by over 520,000 developers worldwide.

It supports

Support for: Oracle and MySQL will be added next

Licence keys

To completely de-restrict the generator, grab yourself a licence which is available from the Pricing page.